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Experience true Performance With Results by working out alongside professional personal trainers with a combined 40+ years of experience.

About PWR Fitness

Delivering effective and personalized Workouts PWR gym is a strength and endurance facility located in Mount Pleasant, SC offering 1 Hour coached classes. Come experience a sustainable functional fitness workout program, supportive community, and Performance With Results.


PWR Fitness offers both personal and group training sessions

  • 1 hour Strength and Conditioning in a small group class.
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • 1-1 Personal Training

Join PWR and Transform Your Body and Mind



All levels of fitness welcome! At PWR community means encouragement, confidence and support. Here at PWR nothing outside the gym matters we all sweat and work hard together. Sharing tough workout and high fives is what we are about. Whether you have been training your whole life or just getting started let us meet you where you are and foster growth . 


We pride our selves on maintaining a clean and organized gym. PWR has all the essential equipment for strength and conditioning. Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers, ski ergs, bikes, pullup rigs, sleds, trx and much more. The goal when designing PWR was to create a training experience!  

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Fantastic gym!!! Lots of variety in the workouts. Great instructors. No complicated, technical lifting moves you have to learn. Just an awesome workout. Tried a lot of gyms but these guys stand well above the field.